Inside Combat Rescue – The Game

Pave HawkI’ve been watching a lot of Inside Combat Rescue on the NatGeo channel. It chronicles the role of  Kandahar-based Air Force Pararescue Jumpers (PJs) in the war in Afghanistan. It’s a pretty intense show and (aside from episode 4), I absolutely love it.

So, I got to thinking that the theme of the show could make for a decent little rescue the wounded-type boardgame.  Let’s be clear: I’m not making light of the role these fine airmen play by any stretch. What they do is not a game.

Each team is assigned a helicopter and a starting crew and their scramble orders are drawn anew once a previous mission has been passed or failed.  The farther away their rescue, the more difficult it will be but the more victory points they’ll accrue.  Each turn the players will draw from a deck to see what obstacles and challenges they’ll need to overcome. Based on the crew they’ve selected for each mission and the skills of the crewmembers, some challenges will be easy to accomplish and allow them to continue, some may slow them down, and some can sideline them entirely.

Once the requisite number of challenges are overcome, the choppers make their pickup and return to base, possibly facing an additional challenge if the patient is in dire straits.

It’s all very rough around the edges, I just came up with the concept this morning but it’s one I think I’d like to flesh out a bit more. At first blush it seems very similar to my Modern Warfare game I’ve been working on so I may need to differentiate a bit more.


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