A recap of Zvezda’s Barbarossa 1941

I just finished up my review of Zvezda’s Operation Barbarossa 1941 last week. It’s posted here if you’re interested in seeing it: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/10923617 but I’ll give you a quick recap here:

I like the game, I just wish I had a group to play with. What has turned into my mostly regular gaming group (a friend and his wife) has almost no interest in war games and even less interest in a tactical-level game. So that’s not great…

But back to the game. The few plays I have managed to get under my belt have been fun. It’s a neat twist on the standard turn-based game in that each player acts simultaneously. Each general issues orders to each troop and then those orders are acted upon in a prescribed order each turn. It’s similar to A Game of Thrones board game in that regard.

It takes some getting used to but it’s fun to see how quickly things progress. The first scenario talks about things happening on turn 8 and turn 15 and we thought, “Oh man, this is going to take forever” but it really didn’t. The biggest bottleneck we found was trying to decipher all the icons for what orders can be given to a unit but once you get those down, it flows pretty smoothly.

The models of this game are top-notch (obviously, because Zvezda is a model company). The infantry and the vehicles aren’t of the same scale but only a true purist is going to complain on that score. They work perfectly for the game. I’ve seen that a lot of people have painted their models but boy, oh boy, I can’t even imagine that. Hell, I have hundreds of Warhammer models that still need painted.

All in all, a fun game. I want to play it more but unless I find a new group, I fear this may see limited playing time on my table. I wonder if there are any solo rules out there…


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